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PE Septic Tank

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Product Name: PE Septic Tank
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Specifications PE Septic tank: PE tank with excellent mechianical physical prop
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PE Septic tank:
PE tank with excellent mechianical physical properties.
Anti-corrosion,anti-aging,long service life.
Inner surface smooth,supprior hydraulic performance.
Can be planned.
Not burst,interface,reliablitity,security,good.
No poison, no secondary pollution.
Comprehensive economic effciency

PE Septic tank Work Principle:
Septic tank is primary treatment structures which remove the suspended matter in domestic sewage by adopting sediment and anaerobic fermentation principle, domestic sewage contain plenty of feces,Paper Scrap,parasite etc impurity, the suspended solid concentration is 100 to 350mg, organism concentration BOD5 is between 100 to 400mm, the suspended organism BOD is 50 to 200mg among of them. sewage enter into septic tank will remove 50% to 60%suspended matter after 12 to 24h sediment , the sediment sludge will anaerobic digestion above 3 month, which will make the organism decompose stable inorganics, corruptible raw sludge translate to ripe sludge , it changed sludge structure, reduce sludge water ratio , clear it and transport out regular. Landfill or reuse it as fertilizer.

PE Septic tank Feature:
1. Use high quality PE composite material to make, with the advantage of antiacid,alkali-resistant ,pull-resistant,high strength etc.
2. good tightness ,no leakage,completely prevent the pollution of traditional the septic tank ground water leakage. At the same time, improve the damage to building from foundation wet soft sink, with the better environmental protection efficiency.
3. Using unique structure design and high efficient membrane packing , high removal efficiency,small occupy area ,area selection flexible, special suitable for old city building area reform sewage system to set up septic tank.
4. Light weight, convenient to transport. integral construction, no need assembly, install speedy.
5. High compression strength, can install in afforest lawn or below the path.
PE Septic tank:
PE tank with excellent mechianical physical properties.

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